Lake Denton

Lake Denton

Lake Denton is a 66 acre freshwater lake in Highlands County, located between Avon Park and Sebring, Florida. Diving in Lake Denton is done from the property of the Lake Denton Church Camp, which is located on its shore. This lake is very popular as a dive training site, as well as with certified divers.

Water temperature and condition:

The water temp varies from 65F/18C in the winter months, to 89F/32C in the summer months.

Even during the summer months when the water is at its warmest, some type of exposure protection is recommended, to protect yourself from the sun, as there is no shade in the area. Rash guards or T-shirts are appropriate.

After October, the water temperature drops rapidly to the mid to high sixties F / mid to high teens C, so a 5mm-7mm full wetsuit or even a dry suit is recommended. Wearing a hood or a hooded vest and gloves during the winter also helps to maintain your heat.

Visibility ranges from 30 feet to next to zero, when the bottom is disturbed. Generally, as the water gets warmer in the summer months, the visibility decreases dramatically.

Things you can expect to see when diving here are sunfish, catfish, bass, and turtles. The three submerged boats attract many types of fish life.

Recently, items such as a bicycle, a ride on lawnmower, and hula hoops have been added. The hula hoops are a great way to practice your buoyancy.

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